The IPCRG is a supporter of the NCD Alliance that aims to put chronic disease/non-communicable disease on the global agenda.

Whilst we are a respiratory and smoking interested organisation, we are also a primary care organisation and therefore offer you these resources to help you put the prevention and management of lung diseases into context.

Contrary to popular belief, NCDs are not a problem of high income nations only. A staggering 80% of NCDs occur in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC). NCDs are also a major cause of poverty and an urgent development issue.
LMIC carry the biggest burden:

  • 80% of all NCDs
  • 70% of cancer deaths
  • 8 million premature deaths each year from the major NCD risk factors, often leaving families with no means of support.

The NCD Alliance campaigned for the Millenium Development Goals to be reviewed and revised by the United Nations in September 2011 at their Summit. This  includes access for all to essential medicines such as affordable good quality asthma inhalers.

One of the partners is the World Lung Foundation that has initiated the 15000aday campaign.

What is IPCRG doing?
Renewed our membership of WHO-Global Alliance against chronic Respiratory Diseases to campaign for the important role for primary care and sit on the Planning Executive, representing primary care.

We have joined the NCD Alliance and will continue to campaign for chronic lung disease, stop smoking and the role of primary care to be taken seriously by national governments and funding agencies.

In Europe there were two meetings during the Polish EU Presidency concerning NCDs:

  • Conference to review the needs and goals of the Polish Priority “Reducing health inequities by early monitoring of chronic non-communicable diseases in children" as well to show the continuity of initiatives and recommendations made by EU countries on the prevention and control of NCDs (25-26 October 2011). Our Polish colleagues spoke here on behalf of the IPCRG and primary care.
  • Inter-ministerial meeting in Potznan (7-8 November 2011) to present the results of the conference and the conclusions (and policies) to be adopted to which we offered support.

On March 22nd, 2011, the NCD Alliance launched a draft outcomes document which called, amongst other things, for

  • strengthening of primary care
  • universal access to good-quality, affordable asthma inhalers by 2012
  • action to reduce or eliminate environmental (including indoor air pollution)
  • more operational research
  • acceleration of the effective implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
  • effective population-wide prevention, early detection, screening and awareness-raising programmes for NCDs targeting high-risk populations by 2020

    All of which we support.


At the 66th World Health Assembly in May 2013, Member States endorsed a final draft of the Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of NCDs 2013-2020.

News 22 July 2013

United Nations agrees to establish a UN Task Force on NCDs

Member States unanimously adopted ECOSOC resolution E/2013/L23, formally establishing the United Nations Interagency Task Force on the Prevention and Control of NCDs. This resolution was co-sponsored by 110 Member State across all regions, demonstrating the widespread support for this Task Force.

The main decisions in the Resolution are:

  • To establish a UN Interagency Task Force on the Prevention and Control of NCDs, by expanding the mandate of UN Ad Hoc Task Force on Tobacco Control;
  • The UN Task Force will coordinate activities of relevant UN agencies to support the realisation of commitments in the UN Political Declaration, in particular through implementation of Global NCD Action Plan 2013-2020;      
  • To develop a Terms-of-Reference (ToRs) for the UN Task Force, in consultation with Member States, for adoption at ECOSOC’s 2014 Substantive Session.

See slides here

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Latest News From the UN Declaration - September 2011

Day 1:

Day 2:

Final Country Commitments at HLM plenaries and round tables.pdf Final Country Commitments

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Letter.pdf Press Release
NCD Alliance Proposed Outcomes Document for the UN High-Level Summit.pdf Outcomes Document
NCD Alliance Outcomes Document Background.pdf Background
NCD Alliance 10 Outcomes Document Priorities.pdf 10 Outcomes document

Slides from meetings:
7 June 2011 [pdf of slides]
22 March 2011 [pdf of slides]
9 December 2010 [pdf document]
22 February 2010 [pdf of slides]

The NCD Alliance's proposed global targets and indicators