The IPCRG E-Faculty research mentoring programme equips teams with the skills to conduct local real-life respiratory research. 


We established it in 2009 to increase the representativeness of primary care respiratory research.   Using a virtual faculty we aim to equip one primary care research-aspiring country at a time with the skills to conduct high quality original research. In 2010 we met our target for the first E-faculty recipients, Vietnam, to present abstracts at our 5th biennial conference, demonstrating an increased research knowledge and capability.  This was followed in 2011 by the Vietnamese team’s first published peer-reviewed paper.

A different faculty team worked in 2011 with Romanian colleagues, supporting qualitative research to explore the barriers to increasing stop smoking support in general practice. This reported at our 6th conference in Edinburgh 2012 and has now published its first peer-reviewed paper on the barriers to smoking cessation in Romania.

The third programme is in Chile, supported by our Spanish group, GRAP. The team has joined the UNLOCK programme and is collecting new data on asthma as it shifts its focus from respiratory infection to chronic lung disease.

The networking between Chile and Spanish researchers is on going. I f you are pat of this network you can connect here

Selection criteria for the country/ies 

E = essential   P = preferred


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