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What is over-reliance on Reliever?

       Many people like their reliever Inhaler because it improves asthma symptoms. But the Reliever inhaler does NOT treat the inflammation causing asthma attacks. It treats the symptoms but not the cause. The Preventer inhaler is designed to treat the inflammation causing asthma attacks. 

        If people rely on the Reliever too much and don’t take enough of their Preventer this can increase their risk of asthma attacks .


What do my SRQ scores mean?



What should I do next?

            The SRQ was created to help patients and healthcare professionals work together to prevent asthma symptoms and asthma attacks.

            It is designed to help you and your doctor, pharmacist or nurse to understand what you think about your reliver and whether you might be at risk of relying on it too much.

            Talking to your doctor/pharmacist or nurse about your score may help you to get the best from your asthma treatment