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  • GA²LEN Annual Conference - public day, London 20 April
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Subject: GA²LEN Annual Conference - public day, London 20 April
Date sent: 29 March 2007


The IPCRG has been invited to contribute to an information campaign "Does rhinitis lead to asthma?" led by GA²LEN: about the relationship between rhinitis and asthma, with emphasis on GA²LEN research activities in this field and in line with ARIA recommendations.  

Please note that  a patient leaflet (jointly developed with EFA) and a summary brochure will be available soon.

The main message GA²LEN wishes to  spread to Primary Care Physicians is that patients presenting with asthma as the prime disease should be asked about their nasal symptoms, and patients presenting with severe or persistent allergic rhinitis and/or rhinosinusitis should evaluated for the presence of asthma.

For information  the official launch of the campaign will take place in London, on Friday 20 April,  during the GA²LEN Annual Conference (public day), at which you are all most welcome (all information available on their site:

Dermot Ryan will also be attending a writing committee to develop a second GP brochure/leaflet, specifically dedicated to diagnosis and treatment, with the aim to be "practical" for primary care physicians.

David Price will attend the Advisory Board.

Finally, GA²LEN has produced two recent reports that  you might find interesting:
1.    “Mechanisms of virus-induced asthma exacerbations: state-of-the-art”, Allergy OnlineEarly articles that suggests that respiratory infections are a main trigger of asthma attacks. 
2.    “Unanswered questions on asthma and rhinitis exacerbations: A GA²LEN workshop report”

which quotes new studies that demonstrate that allergens and air pollution, such as car fumes and tobacco smoke, appear to complicate the asthmatic’s reaction to viruses and prompt stronger and more immediate asthma attacks. This work is led by Dr. Nikos Papadopoulos, Allergy Centre, Athens University, Greece

Although this is a European research and dissemination programme, there are plans to develop collaborating centres outside Europe, so this work has relevance to all our members.
Siân Williams
Dermot Ryan
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