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Newsletter 17th December, 2015
Nine reasons to submit an abstract for our 8th IPCRG World Conference being held in Amsterdam 25 – 28 May, 2016. Deadline is Sunday 24th January 2016.
1. Reach a Unique Audience
The IPCRG conference has a unique audience of primary respiratory care key opinion leaders, highly respected primary care academics, paediatricians, and front-line primary care and community-based practitioners from low, middle and high income countries from all five continents
2. Receive robust review from primary care
Peer review is an important part of any research project. You will have time to present your findings and receive feedback from your peers in an intellectually robust but welcoming atmosphere.
3. Choice of oral presentation or printed poster
We aim to give as many people as possible a chance to present their findings orally. However, for those who prefer posters or lack confidence e.g. in speaking in English, there are poster options. These would still require a short oral statement.
4. Substantial scope: include multi-morbidity
As a primary care conference with a focus on respiratory care, we welcome submissions on respiratory symptoms e.g. breathlessness, wheeze and cough, whatever their cause(s); tobacco dependence and its impacts, and also the relationship with mental health.
5. Multi-professional scope
We welcome submissions from nurses, therapists, pharmacists and patients as well as family physicians, paediatricians and pulmonologists.
6. Not just clinical research findings but research ideas and implementation studies too
We accept three categories of submission:
  • Clinical Research Results (that must include a hypothesis, method and data and be relevant to our conference audience of predominantly primary care practitioners
  • Research Ideas on Respiratory Conditions and Tobacco Dependence (that has a title and proposed method but the author seeks feedback on the design)
  • Implementation science/service development
7. Submit previously presented relevant research
Previously presented research is acceptable for submission because our audience is different from other respiratory or primary care conferences and so this is a chance to achieve our mission of getting research findings into the public domain. Please disclose that it has been previously presented. For example, we’ve improved the word count facility so that it matches the ERS word count.
8. Linguistic and structural issues do not impede acceptance
Our philanthropic mission is to build primary care research capability, which is still an under-developed field. Therefore we aim to provide opportunities for new and inexperienced researchers to reach a wider audience and receive peer review that may be difficult in their own country.
9. Feedback and support offered for selected abstracts that are relevant but need improvement
The Abstract Committee has offered to help authors whose abstracts are relevant but need improvement before they can be accepted. This is particularly aimed at new researchers.
Tips to improve the success of your clinical research abstract:
  • Include a hypothesis
  • Include data
  • Check it is relevant to a primary care audience
  • Check it is relevant to the conference theme
  • If it is a service development consider if it should be submitted using the Implementation Science/Service Development form.
Tips to improve the success of your Implementation science/service development abstract:
  • State the problem the change is trying to address
  • Specify who: who has made/is making the change, and/or who benefits
  • Include measures: more measures, less text is a good way to think
  • Provide evidence of the change (remember we can learn from changes that are not improvements)
  • Consider how it is relevant for a wider international IPCRG audience
  • Include a final message: so what have you learned that you want to share?
  • Avoid presenting a literature review, we want an analysis of a real service change
  • If it is about clinical medicine it might be more suitable for the Clinical Research Results category
To submit your Clinical Research Results, Research Ideas on Respiratory Conditions and Tobacco Dependence or Implementation Science/Service Development abstract, please follow the links from
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Kind Regards
2016 Scientific Programme Committee
Dr Jiska Snoeck-Stroband, Chair, Netherlands
Prof Niels Chavannes, Netherlands
Dr Tjard Schermer, Netherlands
Dr Frederik van Gemert, Netherlands
Prof Thys van der Molen, Netherlands
Prof Onno van Schayck, Netherlands
Dr Ioanna Tsiligianni, Greece
Dr Stephen Brunton, USA

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