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To contact the group:-

Dr Derek Forde (Chairman) - Email:
Dr Dermot Nolan (Treasurer) - Email:

The Society’s objects (“the Objects”) are to promote interest in, educate and facilitate research for the benefit of the public into all aspects of common respiratory conditions found in Primary Care; to provide an authoritative opinion where required on matters relating to all aspects of common respiratory conditions found in Primary Care; accredit and endorse methodologies, research, products, individuals and bodies after proper consideration; and to provide information for subscribers and others on all aspects of common respiratory conditions found in Primary Care.

To view the Constitution (November 2015) please click here.


We are delighted to announce be hosting the 10th IPCRG World conference at Croke Park, Dublin, 28-30 May 2020! Hold the date in your diary.

Correspondence with Irish Medical Times April 2016

The Primary Care Respiratory Society of Ireland was set up following a meeting of the British Respiratory Society in London 2015.  It had become evident that Ireland was almost unique amongst especially European countries in its lack of organisation representing Primary Respiratory Care.

The International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG) whose annual meeting is in Amsterdam in May coordinates the activities of the various member groups and as such the Irish Respiratory Group is affiliated.  On a wider international stage the IPCRG is a member of WONCA and its European arm.

It is widely accepted now that the diseases of Asthma and COPD are essentially primary care diseases and as such GPs in Ireland are perfectly placed to manage these conditions at a fragment of the cost of care in secondary and tertiary centres and at a location more appropriate and suitable for the patient.  There will always be a requirement for secondary care in complex, emergency and advanced stages of the condition but these should be the exception rather than the norm.

We have seen the recent roll out of type 2 diabetes care management to general practice and one can expect that the respiratory diseases cannot be far away.

Unlike other health systems that have recognised the essential roll GPs have to play in chronic disease management the Department of Health/HSE have been very slow to recognise our potential.  Barriers that must be overcome are the recognition that primary care must be resourced to manage respiratory care appropriately.  This will involve access to spirometry, hopefully mainly in the practice and if not direct access to secondary care, extra practice nurse time, extra GP time.  IT support-asthma guidelines are currently being updated and those of us managing COPD clinics will be aware of constantly changing and updating of guidelines. The multitude of delivery devices available with new drugs being added can be confusing for the doctor never mind the patient!

It is the intention of the Primary Care Society to facilitate the ready availability of spirometry-educational workshops etc, assist primary care management-inform members of new guidelines, protocols etc, organise annual information meetings and be a source of advice to interested parties as occurs in other jurisdictions. To that end we have had preliminary meetings with the ICGP and other interested parties and look forward to playing a significant role in the chronic disease management of respiratory care.

We are particularly indebted to the UK branch of the International Primary Care Group who advised us regarding forming our constitution, advising us regarding charity status and agreeing to accommodate our IT requirements on a dedicated Irish page on their website at

There are currently over 400 GPs registered. There is no fee.

We may be contacted via website above or emails-   Chairman  Secretary/Treasurer

Dr Derek Forde
Chairman PCRS Ireland