Wiley KE et al. Med J Aust. 2013 Apr 15;198(7):373-5.


An Australian study investigated the factors influencing vaccination rates in pregnant women. Women who received a clear doctor’s recommendation to get vaccinated were 20 times more likely to do so than those who did not receive a recommendation. Nevertheless, overall only 42% of the study population received such a recommendation while only 27% were vaccinated. Additional factors that were found to be linked to the chances of getting vaccinated were –  a woman’s perception of the severity of flu and of vaccination during pregnancy in general, availability of vaccination and expression of willingness to receive the vaccine at the time when the recommendation was received.

The main factor that was found to be linked to not getting vaccinated was concern for the baby’s health. But amongst women who expressed such concern, 68% stated that they would agree to be vaccinated if they received a clear recommendation from their doctor.