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An IPCRG position paper which provides a snap shot analysis of the key features of the guidelines included in the mapping in June 2013 has been prepared and is available here Pos Paper No.2 Guidelines PRF2IPCRG position paper 2.pdf.



To ensure this resource remains relevant and useful, it will be updated as new information becomes available and additional countries will be added.  Key contacts from each IPCRG country who have submitted the data are able to edit it at any time. 

IPCRG would welcome information for countries that are not currently included. If you want to submit information for a country not yet covered by the mapping, please express your interest by e-mailing The IPCRG will then contact you with details about how to provide information.

*The Institute of Medicine defines clinical guidelines as “systematically developed statements to assist practitioner and patient decision about appropriate health care for specific clinical circumstances”. Lohr KN. Institute of Medicine activities related to the development of practical guidelines. Journal of Dental Education 1990;54(11):699–704.