• To ensure the active engagement of stakeholders with a view to embedding the project interventions into policy.
  • To develop accessible communication materials.
  • To disseminate the knowledge, evidence and learning generated by the project to policy makers, healthcare providers, researchers and others in the EU and globally. 
  • To ensure scientific excellence through a Scientific Advisory Committee.

The FRESH AIR team in Masindi district, Uganda, discuss the project with local healthcare teams


  •  Stakeholder engagement
  •  Developing accessible communication material
  •  Proactive communication and dissemination
  •  Convening the Scientific Advisory Committee

The FRESH AIR team in the Kyrgyz Republic meeting stakeholders


Siân Williams (IPCRG) 

Siân has 25 years experience of managing healthcare projects. As the Executive Officer of the IPCRG, she supports the  creation of active communities of practice passionate about improving respiratory care throughout the world: working locally, collaborating globally.