A Stakeholder Engagement Group brings together project stakeholders in each of the four countries. These groups include national and local policy makers, ethics committees, health care workers, researchers, patients and community groups.  They provide input on local priorities and other contextual factors which are used in the detailed design of interventions. They also provide links to community groups, media and resources that can be used to support implementation and support the dissemination of knowledge generated by the project.  

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The FRESH AIR community

The Horizon 2020 FRESH AIR project is part of a global  community that continues to share ideas, resources and challenges on the prevalence of chronic lung diseases and  risk factors including all types of smoke: exposure to biomass, smoking, and any other local exposures. 

To find out more about earlier work in Uganda, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam and India go here

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If you are interested in becoming part of the FRESH AIR global community please get in touch here 
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