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For information about an online spirometry training and feedback programme that is being tested as part of our E-Quality Programme, go to produced by the University of Washington.

This website is a rich repository of free resources about employing spirometry successfully in primary care. Our recent trial of the online intervention demonstrated improvement in spirometry quality and in asthma care. 

The Spirometry 360 course that resulted from the trial reliably improves the quality of technique by 20-30%.  It is available for a license fee.

It has been used in most states in the USA by hundreds of primary care sites.  99% of people rate the training as good to excellent.  99% would recommend to a colleague.

The feedback reporting system enables customized feedback on issues with technique and enables a practice site to view their own reviewed and graded curve file.

Elements have been used in the Netherlands CASPIR programme.  Spirometry Fundamentals is part of the mandatory certification process.

As part of E-Quality, led by Jim Stout, it was tested in South Australia, and takes a teach the teacher approach. 

Following this scheme, University of Washington enabled its use in Bangladesh and now Sri Lanka and is being incorporated into the FRESH AIR programme, funded by the EU Horizon 2020 research fund.


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Some selected primary care spirometry papers

Titel and authors


IPCRG Desktop helper

Dr Hilary Pinnock, UK; Mrs Jacqui Cooper, UK

Link to paper


Spirometry abstracts to IPCRG conferences

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Spirometry in primary care case-identification, diagnosis and management of COPD

Price D, Crockett A, Arne M, Garbe B, Jones RCM, Kaplan A, Langhammer A, Williams S, Yawn BP

Prim Care Resp J 2009;18(3):216-223.

Link to paper

DOI: 10.4104/pcrj.2009.00055

Is spirometry essential in diagnosing asthma? No

Mark L Levy

Link to paper

Is spirometry essential in diagnosing asthma? Yes

Ingrid Looijmans–van den Akker, Hans van der Zeijden, Theo JM Verheij

Link to paper

Use of spirometry among chest physicians and primary care physicians in India

Vanjare N, Chhowala S, Madas S, Kodgule R,Gogtay J, Salvi S. 

Link to paper


Should the diagnosis of COPD be based on a single spirometry test?

Schermer TR, Robberts B, Crockett AJ, Thoonen BP, Lucas A, Grootens J, et al.

Link to paper


Targeted case finding for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease versus

routine practice in primary care (TargetCOPD): a cluster-randomised controlled trial

RE Jordan, P Adab, A Sitch, A Enocson, D Blissett, S Jowett, JL Marsh, RD Riley, MR Miller, BG Cooper,

AM Turner, K Jolly, JG Ayres, S Haroon, RA Stockley, S Greenfield, S Siebert, A Daley, KK Cheng, D Fitzmaurice.

Lancet Respiratory. 2016; 4(9): 720-730.

Link to paper

DOI: 10.1016/S2213-2600(16)30149-7