The IPCRG has developed a project in response to our members' expressed interest, on describing how to refer to and set up pulmonary rehabilitation and making the case for change to policy makers.  It includes three main products:

  1. A desktop helper (see PDF on the right).
    On side 1 it is a Referrer's guide: the essential things you need to know about pulmonary rehabilitation to help breathless people breathe better, feel good and do more!
    On side 2 it describes Setting up a pulmonary rehabilitation service from zero to help people breathe better, feel good and do more
  2. Two films demonstrating how the referral conversation might be done (link to the films).
    Film 1 is in a respiratory clinic setting
    Film 2 is on a respiratory ward 
  3. A position paper for policy makers: pulmonary rehabilitation for breathlessness, that positions PR as a cost-effective and affordable intervention for breathlessness, due to COPD and other causes (see PDF on the right).

These were developed from the evidence and also practical advice emerging from a multi-disciplinary, multi-national  experience-led care meeting hosted and facilitated by the IPCRG in May 2017.  

Attendees at the experience-led care meeting (principal role and experience listed only - most are also involved in research)

ProfPeymaneAdabEnglandProfessor of Chronic Disease Epidemiology and Public Health
MsMariaBuxtonEnglandConsultant Respiratory Physiotherapist
Dr RupertJonesUK and UgandaGP researcher
DrRachelJordanEnglandSenior Lecturer
Dr Annemarije KruisNetherlandsGP researcher
MsSarahLunnEnglandRespiratory psychologist
DrIoannaTsiligianniCreteAssistant Professor, Primary care
DrChristophUlrich WernerGermanyGP
MrAlexWoodwardEnglandRespiratory Physiotherapist

Those who contributed their experience in writing

Dr  Rowshan    Alam              Bangladesh       GP
MsMonicaFerrerSpainPrimary care nurse
Dr MonsurHabibBangladeshGP
MsLilianaSilvaPortugalRehabilitation nurse
MsMarianna TrouliCretePhysiotherapist

Positioning pulmonary rehabilitation as an effective treatment for COPD

In the videos of ways to initiate a conversation about referral to PR, you will see the COPD Value Pyramid from the London Respiratory Network  being used.  

For more information, see BMJ Journals  and also available from

The Desktop helper

The first product is the Desktop Helper No. 7 

This desktop helper aims to be practical: it is based on the IPCRG network’s own experience of trying to implement best practice with limited resources in low, middle and high income countries.  It was generated from the evidence, guidelines and experience shared at an experience-led care meeting in May 2017 attended by GPs, researchers, physiotherapists, a psychologist, health planners and managers.  Further comments and contributions were received from GPs, nurses and physiotherapists in other countries.

Additional information

Authors of desktop helper: Siân Williams and Val Amies on behalf of the international expert group listed below.

Reviewer: Prof Sally Singh.  

Boehringer Ingelheim funded the experience-led care meeting, writing and production. They took no part in the meeting or drafting.


This desktop helper is advisory; it is intended for general use and should not be regarded as applicable to a specific case.

See Creative Commons Licence Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

GP colleagues Dr Monsur Habib

and Dr Rowshan Alam learning

how to implement PR, courtesy of

Prof Sally Singh, Leicester. September


IPCRG Position paper 4. March 2018
Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) helps people breathe better, feel good, and do more:

Why you should invest in PR for your population

An estimated 1 in 10 adults live with chronic breathlessness. Cardiac or respiratory disease causes two thirds of breathlessness. More than 1 billion people

globally suffer from a chronic lung condition.  This paper demonstrates why healthcare systems that develop their capability to deliver easily accessible

PR to urban and rural communities can improve health, social, and economic outcomes.

Authors of position paper : Val Amies, Annemarije Kruis, Siân Williams International Advisory panel: See this page.

Reviewers: Nick Hopkinson, Sally Singh, Rafael Stelmach         Editor: Hilary Pinnock 

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