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IPCRG has provided an international expert faculty and a separate international reviewing team to enable the development of these new online free educational resources for primary care called AsthmaXchange.


IPCRG and its Education sub-committee believes they are a high quality resource that enables colleagues to work through real-life examples that draw out key messages and important actions in the diagnosis and treatment of adults with asthma.  In addition, there is a whole module with case studies on how best to support self-management.   There are many other features such as newsletter with hot topics, including our Conference Prize-winners, and a discussion on when and how to refer to secondary care.


There are short videos from a number of us.


Our involvement in AsthmaXchange represents a new venture for IPCRG - providing the expert faculty to a medical education company, SciMentum,  that has a contract with Boehringer Ingelheim.    It has enabled us to test out a key pillar of our education strategy - to explore the use of online learning to reach grass-roots GPs.   We are satisfied that the production process has been independent of any company bias. It has been a thorough process, and raised a number of challenges about the best way to make cases educationally useful and credible for different audiences across the world.


If the site is well-liked, we hope to develop further resources, and therefore welcome your feedback on the relevance of the case studies and what other issues you would like to see addressed.   Write a comment in the box below.


I would like to thank all those who helped us hit some pretty tight deadlines, and in particular, Dr Noel Baxter, PCRS-UK President, Prof Hilary Pinnock, Chair of IPCRG's Education Committee, and Prof Ian Pavord, Oxford.  For transparency purposes, I was the other case study author.


Jaime Correia de Sousa, MD PhD
President, IPCRG