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Global Bridges - tobacco dependence education

Education session in Masindi

Developing the materials

One of the trained teachers running a session

Meeting of the expert advisory group

The IPCRG and our team in Uganda won one of 19 grants awarded through a partnership between Pfizer Independent Grants for Learning & Change (IGLC) and Global Bridges to increase tobacco cessation rates through healthcare professional training and advocacy in low- and middle-income countries.

Our project in Uganda 2014-2016 aims to:

  1. Develop a cascading and sustainable ‘train the trainers’ module that will be used to train Masindi district community health workers (CHWs) and health care workers in improving lung health including facilitating stopping tobacco use and reducing exposure to indoor biomass smoke.
  2. Create with CHWs educational materials that they can use with their local communities to support people to stop using tobacco and reduce their other risks to lung health.
  3. Train CHWs and health care workers in supporting people to stop using tobacco through interventions that are adapted to the local cultural and economic conditions and are feasible to implement in the context of Masindi District.
  4. Provide on-going support to CHWs using mobile telephone technology.
  5. Integrate these activities into a larger IPCRG supported programme to improve lung health including physical activity and rehabilitation.
  6. Identify and share the learning from the project using the Global Bridges network and the IPCRG knowledge platform in order to build capacity for interventions that facilitate stopping tobacco use in other low and middle income countries (LMICs).
  7. Contribute to developing the evidence base on effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of interventions to facilitate stopping tobacco use in LMICs.

A visit to the community for consultation


October 2016 - Video produced by Global Bridges

Materials to share

Following Ministry of Health Uganda approval, these educational materials have been widely used in the project. In April delegates to the Pan African Thoracic Society were also informed of progress. We invite colleagues to download and use these materials.


Please attribute the work as follows:

"We thank the IPCRG and the Uganda Global Bridges team of Dr Bruce Kirenga, Dr Frederik van Gemert and Dr Rupert Jones for permission to reproduce these educational resources, the production of which was funded through a Global Bridges grant from Pfizer Independent Grants for Learning & Change (IGLC)."

Testing useful solutions: Community health worker adapts a flipover calendar



Other resources

  • FRESH AIR - building on IPCRG FRESH AIR programme, an implementation science project to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of chronic lung diseases where resources are limited funded by the European Union  Horizon 2020 programme