Asthma guidelines used by primary care in Spain

About the national guidelines most used by primary care:

GEMA 2009. Guía Española para el manejo del asma.

This guideline is used all over Spain. It is developed from GINA.

Link to access these guidelines:


Year the guidelines were last updated:


Evidence based methodology used to develop the guidelines:


Name and type of agency responsible for developing the guidelines:

GEMA was developed by all the agencies and societies involved in asthma management including national primary care, national respiratory, national secondary care and national guidelines agency. The Centro Cochrane Iberoamericano was also involved. This is an international guidelines agency.

How primary care was involved in developing the national guidelines:

Primary care representatives were involved in the development.

IPCRG involvement in developing the national guidelines:

The national IPCRG member organisation was involved.

Requirements or incentives in place for primary care to use the guidelines:


Published information on implementation:

None known

National agency responsible for validating guidelines are evidence based:

GUIASALUD which is part of Spanish National Health System (see

Have these guidelines been validated by this agency:


About other guidelines for asthma also used:

PAI Asma is the guideline most widely used in Andalucía. The GEMA is also used there but PAI Asma is used more. PAI ASMA was developed by Consejería de Salud de la Junta de Andalucía, and it was validated by Agencia de Calidad de Andalucía. PAI Asma can be found at:


International guidelines also used:


Has the translation of these international guidelines been validated and if so by which agency:


Other information:


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