Asthma guidelines used by primary care in Netherlands

About the national guidelines most used by primary care:

The guidelines produced by the Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG) are the most used by general practice and practice nurses. There is one set of guidelines relating to asthma in adults and another to children.

Link to access these guidelines:



Year the guidelines were last updated:

Adults: 2007

Children: 2006

Evidence based methodology used to develop the guidelines:


Name and type of agency responsible for developing the guidelines:

The NHG is the Dutch College of General Practitioners which is a national primary care organisation

How primary care was involved in developing the national guidelines:

Primary care representatives were involved in the development

IPCRG involvement in developing the national guidelines:

Yes, the national member organisation was involved

Requirements or incentives in place for primary care to use the guidelines:

Financial incentives


Published information on implementation:

None identified

National agency responsible for validating guidelines are evidence based:

Yes, the Kwaliteits Instituut (see more info at:

Have these guidelines been validated by this agency:


About other guidelines for asthma also used:

There is also one more focused on pharmaceutical care produced by KNMP  at:

International guidelines also used:


Has the translation of these international guidelines been validated and if so by which agency:


Other information:

The NHG guidelines are currently being revised. Guidelines produced by NHG since 2010 are translated into English so the revised ones will be available in English.

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