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There were three main stages in the mapping.  These are: 

Stage 1: Developing the mapping (April/May 2013)

  • A project plan was developed and agreed this with the Steering Group (Sian Williams, Miguel Román Rodríguez and Jaime Correia de Sousa);
  • A draft questionnaire was developed using Survey Monkey and tested.
  • A country lead was identified for each IPCRG member country. 
  • A request to complete this questionnaire on Survey Monkey was sent by individual e-mail to each country lead.

Stage 2: Presenting the mapping (May/June 2013)

  • The information from each country was analysed and presented in the format of one table for each condition per country. 
  • This was sent to the each country lead for checking for accuracy and amendment as necessary.
  • The information was uploaded on the resources section of the IPCRG web platform in a summary table, by country and by condition.
  • An IPCRG position paper summarising the key points was developed. 

Stage 3: Updating the mapping (on-going)

  • The information requires regular updating for it to continue to be relevant and useful.
  • One or two named contacts for each country are be able to edit the information for their country at any time.
  • Other people logged in to the IPCRG web platform are also be able add comments, suggesting updates.
  • Every 6 months the UNLOCK project manager (or another IPCRG project manager) sends an e-mail to each named contact, asking them to review  and update the information for their country. 
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