Asthma guidelines used by primary care inBangladesh

About the national guidelines most used by primary care:

There are guidelines developed by the Bangladesh Lung Foundation

Link to access theseguidelines:

Year the guidelines were last updated:


Evidence based methodology used to develop the guidelines:

None identified

Name and type of agency responsible for developing the guidelines:

Bangladesh Lung Foundation which is a national respiratory society

How primary care was involved in developing the national guidelines:

Primary care representatives were involved in the development

IPCRG involvement in developing the national guidelines:

The national member organisation was involved

Requirements or incentives in place for primary care to use the guidelines:


Published information on implementation:


National agency responsible for validating guidelines are evidence based:


Have these guidelines been validated by this agency:


About other guidelines for asthma also used:


International guidelines also used:


Has the translation of these international guidelines been validated and if so by which agency:


Other information:


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