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1. Introduction

The IPCRG recognises the value of partnership in working to achieve its goals and welcomes sponsorship for its

activities as long as

• It does not diminish the IPCRG’s and its members’ reputation as an independent and credible organisation

• It is consistent with the IPCRG’s mission

• It preserves the IPCRG’s operational and editorial independence

• It operates in the best interests of people with respiratory disease and their practitioners

2. Scope

This policy is separate from the arrangements for membership and associate membership of the IPCRG. The rules

of membership are laid out in the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

It applies to all IPCRG activities including:

• IPCRG-run conferences

• Specified travel to and subsistence at IPCRG events

• Conferences run for the IPCRG by others

• Educational events and symposia within conferences

• Research programmes

• Education programmes

• Publications eg Desktop Helpers

• The IPCRG website:

• Undesignated funds

• Designated funds

• In-kind sponsorships eg purchase of participant subscriptions to a journal or event

3. Definition

Sponsorship is defined as in-kind or financial support for IPCRG activity separate from the membership

subscription fee or unrestricted donations.

Appendix 1 describes the IPCRG’s accounting policy in relation to sponsorship.

4. Policy

• The IPCRG and its members can choose if it wants sponsorship and what form that sponsorship will take.

Examples include sponsorship of an educational activity, a desktop-helper, a web-page, registration fees for

participants to an IPCRG event or for distribution of the npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine.

• The IPCRG will aim to have multi-funding for its activities. There may be occasions when there is a sole

supporter. On those occasions the IPCRG will take special care to ensure there is no conflict of interest with

the mission or values of the IPCRG.

• The IPCRG will ensure in its written materials such as programmes, signs, banners, there is transparency about

when an activity is sponsored.

• The IPCRG retains intellectual property and editorial control of all activities badged “IPCRG”. This includes

content and design of educational events, journals and web materials including the juxtaposition of meetings,

journal articles and advertisements.

• The IPCRG has final approval on all materials used to promote any sponsored activity and in all instances in

which the IPCRG name or logo is used in connection with the activity. Use of the IPCRG name or logo

without prior consent is prohibited.

• If the policy does not fit with local regulation, then the local regulation will take precedence.

• The Governance Committee will review sponsorship arrangements at least annually. Following the review of

the Policy by the Governance Committee, the Board will also scrutinise and approve the policy, at least


5. Exclusions

The IPCRG will not accept sponsorship from organisations whose products do not support improvement in health

and in particular in respiratory health. Examples include, but are not limited to, the tobacco industry.

6. Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement will be made of the supporting company or individual, not of its products. Wording may be

“We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of [company name] in providing an unrestricted educational grant for

this project”. This will be accompanied by the Company logo in a location and size determined by the IPCRG.

7. Opportunities for sponsorship

• IPCRG Conferences

• Individual member country conferences if done with the agreed aid/co-operation of the IPCRG

• Desktop helpers.

• Other publications/reprints.

• Local editions and distribution of the npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine to individual member


• Other educational resources such as distance learning, web-based or printed materials.

• National, regional or international education symposia and workshops.

• Research opportunities arising from our Research Needs Statements.

Please contact Executive Officer Siân Williams or Business Manager Sam Louw for more information.

Board of directors

Revised May 2015


Funds will be accounted for as follows, to meet accounting standards laid out in the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) for charities.

Unrestricted funds

Unrestricted funds are available to the directors to apply for the general purposes of the IPCRG as laid out in its

Memorandum and Articles. Unrestricted donations and member subscriptions will be accounted for here.

Designated funds

The directors may choose to designate some of the IPCRG’s unrestricted funds for a particular purpose. These will

be accounted for within its unrestricted funds and called designated funds. If any funds are left then they should be

released from designated funds.

Restricted funds

Funds from income in the form of sponsorship will normally be applied for particular purposes – which have been

specified by the donor and will be called restricted funds and accounted for separately. Unless specifically

forbidden by the donor a reasonable allocation of overhead expenses of 30-40% (eg management and administration;

costs of generating funds) can be set against restricted funds.

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