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Romanian Primary Care Respiratory Group RespiRo

Dr. Catalina Panaitescu

Str. Mamulari nr. 4, bl. C 2, sector 3, cod 030772

Bucharest, Romania



Telephone no.: +40723564322



"RespiRo gave a new workshop on SIMPLES during the National Conference of Family Medicine organized between 24-27.03.2016 by the Association of Family Physicians from Bucharest and Ilfov county (AMFB) and the Romanian National Society of Family Medicine (SNMF). On this occasion RespiRo officially launched the Romanian translation of the IPCRG desktop helper on Difficult to Manage Asthma.




"Viata Medicala" about the IPCRG Conference in Athens


"Ziarul MF" on the IPCRG workshops in Wonca Lisbon 


Interview with Jaime Correia de Sousa: GPs in Portugal and the IPCRG (English version pdf) (Romanian version on-line)






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