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To view the work by our Indian members please see below:

View previous issues of Respirmirror on


35th Respimirror - Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

34th Respimirror - Severe airway diseases

33rd Respimirror - Wheezing disorders in children

32nd - Respimirror Respiratory Infections

31st Respimirror on Pearls in Respiratory Medicine32nd Respimirror on Community Acquired Respiratory Infections

30th Respimirror on Patient Counselling and Communication

29th Respimirror on Oxygen Therapy in Respiratory Diseases

28th Respimirror on Mechanical Ventilation Part 2

27th Respimirror on Mechanical Ventilation - CORD Flyer

26th Respimirror on Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF)

25th Respimirror on Air Pollution

24th Respimirror on ICONIC 2016

23rd Respimirror on Bronchiectasis in India: More questions than answers

22nd Respimirror on Research in Respiratory Medicine

21st Respimirror on Allergic Rhinitis - July-August 2015

20th Respimirror on Tuberculosis - May-June 2015

19th Respimirror - Obstructive Sleep Apnea Mar - April 2015

18th Respimirror - systematic manifestation of COPD

17th Respimirror - Pulmonary Rehab Part II - This is an issue on Pulmonary Rehabilitation Part -II

16th Respimirror - Pulmonary Rehab Part I - This is an issue on Pulmonary Rehabilitation Part -I

14th Respimirror - The art of inhalation therapy - March 2014

13th Respimirror - Inhalation therapy - Jan 13 - This is a special issue on “Inhalation Therapy”. 







Our Training Work.


CRF's Training Programme Calendar till November 2013:Chest Research Foundation_Training Calendar_Aug 2013 to Nov 2013.pdf


Our powerpoint with a brief update of all the training programmes conducted by Chest Research Foundation across India from May 2013 to November 2013. This is our effort to upgrade the doctors and paramedics in India in Pulmonary Function Tests and early diagnosis and correct management of Asthma and COPD which is also in line with the IPCRG mission. Click here to download the powerpoint as a pdf