Portuguese Association of General Practitioners - Special Interest Respiratory Group


Rui Costa, Cláudia Vicente, João Ramires, Carlos Gonçalves, Luís Alves

Email: gresp@apmgf.pt

Website: www.gresp.pt

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We do not take responsibility for the accuracy of translations of Desktop helpers and other IPCRG resources that are organised by our members or other partners, but the increase accessibility of our material we do publish them on our website.


Click here to view the activity report for GRESP 16th December 2013

19th Education Conference
  of the Portuguese Society of General 
  and Family Medicine

Workshops and Sessions




25-27th September


36th Conference of the
  Portuguese Society of Allergy and Immunology 

Education Activity




9-11 October




Minho University

Post Graduate Respiratory Diseases Course

Education Activity



6th November - 19th December



Portuguese Society of
  General  and Family Medicine Autumn
  School Respiratory Diseases

Education Activity


Praia da Consolação


17-20th November








Guide for prescribing C-PAP and O2 (to follow)
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