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IPCRG welcomes new Members!

We summarise how we might partner with each other to improve
respiratory health in primary care.   IPCRG's vision is "Breathing and
feeling well through universal access to right care" and our mission is
"Working locally in primary care and collaborating globally to improve
respiratory health".  Therefore we welcome national groups to join us as Members
with their own objectives and organisation, but with an interest in global
collaboration to meet our mission.   

What do you need to do?

   1.  Read the joining criteria belowThe endpoint is for you to apply as a group, to become a Member of
   IPCRG.  To accept your organisations as a Member we would you to complete the online
   form to show how your met these criteria. There is no single model for our
   national members; some are respiratory charities (eg NAC Australia); others
   are sub-groups of the national GP group (eg RespiRO, Romania); others are
   standalone primary care groups (PCRS-UK, GRAP Spain), and others are a mix of
   respiratory-interested colleagues working on the frontline, some of whom
   may hold secondary or tertiary care roles too.  Applications received  by
   mid-April  can be reviewed by our Board of Directors and then issued to the
   Members to be voted on at the AGM which normally takes place in May at our

   2. Our next world conference is Dublin 2020:  It would
   be excellent if you or colleagues would submit some abstracts to this
   meeting - and then also be available to attend the AGM.  The scope includes
   chronic and infectious respiratory diseases, tobacco dependence and
   respiratory symptoms common in primary care.

   3. For Dublin 2020, for the first time, we are calling for submissions for proposals
   for the main parallel sessions and workshops as well as research oral
   presentations and posters. Information is found on the website

   4. Currently we are running several global programmes which our Members might engage in:eg  our social

   movement Asthma Right Care.  Here is the link to some of the information

   5. We have also been running a new Teach the Teacher programme on children
   with asthma with our members in the US, Spain, Malaysia and Singapore.

   6. We aim to broaden our reach and therefore are actively seeking more
   engagement from pharmacists, nurses and physiotherapists.   Here's the request.

Joining criteria for country members

There are ten joining criteria for new member countries to join the IPCRG:

Full (“Ordinary” in legal terms) members (country groups with a primary care respiratory interest) will be recommended by the Board for adoption by the members at the next Annual General Meeting of the IPCRG if the directors judge the organisation is sufficiently robust and can provide written/photographic evidence of:

  1. Written purpose of the organisation
  2. Written rules including inclusive membership rules appropriate for a primary care group with a respiratory interest in that country

  3. Geographical spread: representation from more than one university/region

  4. Independence from undue influence (eg pharmaceutical industry, tobacco industry, politics, secondary care, commercial enterprise)

  5. A non-personal bank account so that funds raised for primary care respiratory purposes are safeguarded for those purposes

  6. Elected officers with a limit on the terms of office and written down responsibilities and roles

  7. An up-to-date list of individual members that the group represents and a way of contacting them

  8. A process for seeking and representing individual members' views

  9. Written plan about existing/future direction and materials (membership, activities, resources, research, presence and influence)

  10. Agreement to include the IPCRG logo on your website and actively promote our meetings, conferences and any educational or research project as requested

Please answer these questions by completing the form here

Please note you may include links to website addresses in response to the questions. If you would like to provide documents in response, please email these to including IPCRG Membership Application in the email header.

Some examples of constitutions:

Current Members

Other useful information

If the country is elected the IPCRG will

  • Invite your nominated representative to join the IPCRG Senate who may vote at our Annual General Meeting
  • Invite your organisation to collaborate in planning new educational, conference and research activities
  • Invite your organisation to nominate colleagues to take part in new initiatives
  • Inform your organisation of new educational products and resources that are available to use, adapt and circulate. 

The IPCRG expects members to:

  • Promote IPCRG educational and research activities, including our conferences, and products through its website, webpage or through other channels such as emails or messaging
  • Provide feedback on IPCRG activities and resources so that these are responsive to need, and continually improve
  • Adapt relevant resources to fit their healthcare context and language
  • Engage with IPCRG committees and working groups, where relevant


If you are a society or individual and want to know more about the benefits of joining please click here

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