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The IPCRG membership consists of full voting members that are national primary care respiratory societies, (for full details of the member societies and hyperlinks to their organisations click on the full voting members text above) and associate members. There are a number of categories of associate membership - for full details please click here.

To view a copy of our membership policy, please click here.

Joining criteria

You will note that there are eight joining criteria for new member countries:

Full (“Ordinary” in legal terms) members (country groups with a primary care respiratory interest) will be recommended by the Board for adoption by the members at the annual general meeting if they are judged sufficiently robust and can provide evidence of:

  1. Written purpose

  2. Written rules including inclusive membership rules appropriate for a primary care group with a respiratory interest in that country

  3. Geographical spread: representation from more than one university/region

  4. Independence from undue influence (eg tobacco industry, pharmaceutical industry, politics, secondary care, commercial enterprise) eg declaration of interest policy and process

  5. A non-personal bank account so that funds raised for primary care respiratory purposes are safeguarded for those purposes

  6. Elected officers with a limit on the terms of office

  7. An up-to-date list of members that the group represents and a way of contacting them

  8. A process for seeking and representing members' views

  9. Written plan about existing/future direction and materials (eg membership growth, educational activities, practical resources for primary care, research, influence on policy eg primary care role in respiratory care)

If you are a society or individual and want to know more about the benefits of joining please click here (Word document)

Guide to starting up a group

The IPCRG has produced a guide to starting up a group and includes suggestions for existing societies about how to develop your organisation further. Click here to download the latest work in progress. (Word document)

Corporate members

If you are a corporate body, why not consider joining our 2014 Associate Corporate Members Boehringer Ingelheim, Cipla, Mundipharma, Novartis, Teva and Vitalograph as an associate corporate member? To find out more about the benefits of associate corporate membership click  here