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IPCRG will be leading a workshop on Spirometry at the WONCA Europe conference 2020

IPCRG President Ioanna Tsiligianni and Miguel Roman presenting at WONCA Europe 2019 in Bratisla


WONCA President meets Tan Tze Lee, our lead in Singapore who is presenting at WONCA Seoul 

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Dr Tan Tze Lee, Singapore and Prof Amanda Barnard, Australia, representing IPCRG and teaching respiratory workshops at WONCA World, Seoul, October 2018



IPCRG President Jaime Correia de Sousa and Amanda Howe, WONCA President signing
Memorandum of Understanding between our 2 organisations, 2017.

The IPCRG is the Special Interest Group (SIG) for Respiratory Care for the global family doctor association WONCA Europe and an Organisation in Collaborative Relations with WONCA global.  For the last eight years we have run the respiratory programme at WONCA Europe meetings, and are tasked with offering advice to WONCA Europe on respiratory matters.  We also ran sessions at WONCA World in Rio, 2016.  Miguel Roman, our Immediate Past President was elected in 2012 as European Doctor of the Year, a competition run by WONCA, following nomination by the Spanish WONCA member, semFYC, and the IPCRG.  We issued a position statement on Treating Tobacco Dependence, endorsed by WONCA Europe in 2017 and published in our peer-reviewed journal npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine.


WONCA Europe team
Jim Reid, Miguel Roman, Ioanna Tsiligianni,          Svein Hoegh Henrichsen, Miguel Roman,

Svein Hoegh Henrichsen and                                  Jaime Correia de Sousa and Ioanna Tsiligianni

Jaime Correia de Sousa


WONCA Europe Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, 2017

Jaime Correia de Sousa, Enrique Álvarez Porta            Delegates                                                       Jaime Correia de Sousa, Ioanna Tsiligianni and Miguel Roman 

Enrique Álvarez Porta and Miguel Roman                




Colleagues from Portugal and Brazil promoting our conference in Porto 2018 at WONCA South America, Peru 2017


Presentations on primary respiratory care delivered by the IPCRG at WONCA World and WONCA Europe

These are freely available in Presentations  - click here


IPCRG - for WONCA members

The IPCRG is an organisation of 30 national primary care respiratory organisations and also a global primary care community of respiratory interest and practice.  We are a charity, registered in Scotland, operating internationally.  Our charitable mission is to improve the public good through the production and dissemination of research relevant to primary care in the fields of tobacco dependence and stop smoking, asthma, allergic rhinitis, COPD and respiratory infection in low, middle and high income countries.    We welcome new primary care respiratory groups of any size to join us.

In order to increase and improve primary care's research capability in respiratory care, we have an E-Faculty programme that has worked in Vietnam, Romania and now in Chile.   We held our first Respiratory Research School in Singapore in 2015 .   We welcome colleagues to attend our meetings in 2017 and 2018.

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Summaries of key respiratory papers of interest to primary care, Respiratory@AGlance, in English or Spanish,  click here

Our peer-reviewed and Medline-listed journal, owned by the Primary Care Respiratory Society-UK, is the npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine,



WONCA for IPCRG members


WONCA Europe position statements 2017