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Springer Nature publishes npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine in partnership with IPCRG and with our UK group, Primary Care Respiratory Society UK, which co-owns the journal with Springer Nature.  To increase the reach of the journal to practising clinicians and academics, we have commissioned translations of key articles into additional languages: Brazilian Portuguese/Portuguese, Chinese, French, Greek, Italian and Spanish.  These have been translated by verified agencies that work with Springer Nature. 


In addition, ContentEd organised a number of translations, including this in Greek:


AuthorsnpjPCRM doi Title in EnglishTitle in TranslationPDF to download

David Halpin, Shailendra Menjoge & Klaus Viel


Patient-level pooled analysis of the effect of tiotropium on COPD exacerbations and related hospitalisationsΣυγκεντρωτική ανάλυση σε επίπεδο ασθενούς
της επίδρασης του τιοτρόπιου στις παροξύνσεις της ΧΑΠ
και στις σχετιζόμενες με αυτές νοσηλείες