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Springer Nature publishes npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine in partnership with IPCRG and with our UK group, Primary Care Respiratory Society UK, which co-owns the journal with Springer Nature.  To increase the reach of the journal to practising clinicians and academics, we have commissioned translations of key articles into additional languages: Brazilian Portuguese/Portuguese, Chinese, French, Greek, Italian and Spanish.  These have been translated by verified agencies that work with Springer Nature. 



In addition, ContentEd organised a number of translations, including this in French:


AuthorsnpjPCRM doi Title in EnglishTitle in TranslationPDF to download

PN Richard Dekhuijzen, Antoine Magnan & Meinhard Kneussl on behalf of the ADMIT Working Group


The ADMIT series — Issues in Inhalation Therapy. 1) The goals of asthma treatment: can they be achieved?Série ADMIT – Problèmes associés aux traitements par inhalation.
1) Objectifs du traitement de l’asthme: est-il possible de les atteindre?