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The University of Birmingham leads the programme and provides oversight, research method design and training. It works in collaboration with primary care respiratory research partners, who are responsible for the implementation of agreed research projects and linking with policy makers to embed findings into local services,  in each of the four countries: Brazil, FYR of Macedonia, China and Georgia. The IPCRG facilitates clinical engagement,  communication and dissemination internationally using their extensive networks.  An Executive Committee at the University of Birmingham provides overall management. A Management Committee made up of all partners meets every quarter to ensure progress. An International Scientific Advisory Committee made up of external experts provides advice and support.

Breathe Well Partnership

UoB Investigators and research team

Alex Enocson

Peymané Adab

Rachel Jordan

KK Cheng

Brendan Cooper

Amanda Farley

Kate Jolly

Sue Jowett

Alice Sitch

Nicola Gale

Alice Turner

Andy Dickens

Karen Jones

International Scientific Advisory Committee 

Prof Debbie Jarvis

Prof David Mannino

Prof Niels Chavannes

Dr Semira Manaseki-Holland