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Note: this advert has expired, but do email us if you would like to be considered in future rounds.

The current faculty is listed here.

The IPCRG Expert research faculty 

The International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG) is seeking to establish a team of experienced academics that we plan to call the IPCRG Expert Research Faculty. We seek volunteers to advise and collaborate with international primary care research project teams focused on the better diagnosis, management and prognosis of patients with respiratory disease globally in low, middle and high income countries.

The role

The IPCRG boasts a membership of over 30 national primary care respiratory groups and a global network reaching over 130,000 primary healthcare professionals from high, middle and low income settings across the world. The role would be flexible according to personal interest and availability, and would be without payment but could lead to the generation of external income and high quality research outputs.  The IPCRG Expert Research Faculty will be acknowledged formally on the IPCRG website and appropriately acknowledged for their contribution to papers, committees, authorship and reports.

We are seeking experts in: epidemiology, biostatistics, health economics, systematic reviews, trials, qualitative research, healthcare management, implementation science, behaviour change, global health, tobacco control, routine data analysis, project management & grant writing who wish to apply their expertise in the international primary care respiratory setting. Faculty members would be asked to advise less experienced international colleagues on research projects by peer review or collaboration and could also lead projects and seek clinical/academic partners for collaboration. There would also be opportunities to take part in mentoring, teaching and training. Involvement would be ad hoc and flexible, to suit the needs of the researcher.

About the IPCRG

The IPCRG is an organisation of international repute; the only global organisation with a prime mission to improve respiratory health in primary care. It is a clinically-led non-governmental organisation/charity that works locally in member countries, but collaborates globally through collaborative real life research, innovation, exchange of best practice, education and advocacy.  We extend academic learning into communities, developing global cooperative networks for mutual strengthening, and aim to lead the promotion of a culture of critical inquiry and public reasoning about the best ways to deliver effective respiratory care in the community.  IPCRG and its members are currently working on three major research programmes in twelve low and middle income countries: FRESH AIR, RESPIRE and BREATHEWELL.  We represent primary care on the World Health Organization’s Global Alliance against chronic Respiratory Disease (WHO-GARD), and represent respiratory interest on WONCA Europe and are an Organisation in Collaborative Relations with WONCA World.

Our peer-reviewed journal, npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine is published by Springer Nature Publishing Group.  Through our conferences we offer opportunities to influence the research agenda and develop respiratory research capacity through peer review and mentoring, and extend our global community of practice.  Conferences in 2017 were held in Slovenia and Sri Lanka, and will be held in Portugal and, we hope, the Kyrgyz Republic in 2018.

For further information go to

Interested?  Next steps

This is a unique opportunity for academics wishing to expand their research globally with a ready-made network of clinicians and researchers. If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, please fill in the form below and upload :

A two-page academic cv that include:

a. Your current job title/history

  • Qualifications
  • Grants held
  • Recent peer-reviewed papers illustrating your expertise

b. An accompanying letter that outlines your reasons for applying

Closing date: 30th November 2017

CVs will be considered at a management meeting in December 2017  On the website please give your permission for your CV to be kept on file until 31 December 2018, after which they will be deleted from our files unless we seek your permission.

If you are looking at this advert after this date, and are interested, please email us, as we may have a need for specific expertise.

For further information, please contact Rachel Jordan, IPCRG Research sub-Committee Chair on  or Sian Williams, IPCRG Executive Officer on

Application form


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