Blog from November, 2016

Our UNLOCK collaborator, Dr Rachel Jordan, Senior Lecturer, has announced that the Institute of Applied Health Research at University of Birmingham has been appointed as a RESPIRE3 host and are therefore looking for potential fellows to apply to go to her unit on a 2-year European fellowship or 3-year global fellowship.
The eligibility criteria and details are all on the RESPIRE3 website (see below), but Rachel says "essentially we are looking for post-doctoral fellows who wish to undertake research in either epidemiology, public health, primary care, occupational medicine or health economics, linked to the Birmingham Lung Improvement Studies (BLISS) team.  We focus particularly on COPD, with a current programme designed to understand disease aetiology, identify modifiable prognostic factors, and develop, evaluate and implement interventions that improve the health of COPD patients. We have a unique primary care cohort of COPD patients in the UK, and a population-based COPD cohort in Guangzhou, China (The Guangzhou Biobank study) as well as access to routine electronic health records (THIN), and an extensive network of research-active GPs for undertaking interventional and observational studies."
 Dr Rachel Jordan 
Senior Lecturer  
 Institute of Applied Health Research 
University of Birmingham 
Birmingham B15 2TT 
RESPIRE 3 further information:
The 1st fellowship call is now open (deadline: 1 March 2017).
On the ERS website, you will find:

·         RESPIRE3 main page: Link to 2017 Application Guidelines, FAQs and online fellowship application platform

·         RESPIRE3 Web Host Registry: The RESPIRE3 Web Host Registry platform will enable potential fellowship applicants to search for suitable host centres and contact them, depending on the nature of their own research project. Host centres/supervisors may also contact potential applicants at their own end to discuss a potential fellowship application.

The 2017 Application Guidelines as well as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provide further information about the two types of fellowships available (2-year European Fellowships OR 3-year Global fellowships), eligibility requirements, host centre’s commitments, ethics, and so on. 
Potential applicants and host centres should discuss different aspects of the fellowship in detail (e.g. research project description, finance/salary, administration, facilities, research costs) already at the application phase. While the applicant will be responsible for submitting the online application (via the ERS online system -  you do not need to be an ERS member, but you do need to register) s/he also will need a number of documents from the Host Supervisor (e.g. Host Supervisor Acceptance Form, CV, list of publications). Further information can be found in the 2017 Application Guidelines. 

A total of two calls are planned for RESPIRE3, in line with the EU timeline. The 2nd & final call will be launched in autumn 2017, with deadline during spring 2018 (exact timeline TBC).


Rachel Jordan

Siân Williams


Newsletter 9 November, 2016
Dear IPCRG colleagues
The IPCRG has now published two new documents on our website as part of a suite of practical guides to assessment tools for use by primary care professionals and also researchers:

These complement IPCRG's existing

We are grateful to the authors led by Professor Andrew Cave for this work, funded by the IPCRG.
Please click on the links to download the guides and circulate to colleagues.
As usual the Research Sub-committee that commissioned the work, welcomes feedback. Please email with any feedback or leave a comment on the web page.
Jaime Correia de Sousa, MD PhD
President, IPCRG
PS Information now released on our 2017 conferences:
The International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG) is a charity registered in Scotland working internationally (SC No: 035056) and a company limited by guarantee (Company number 256268)

The IPCRG is the Respiratory Special Interest Group of WONCA Europe and an Organisation in Collaborative Relations with WONCA Global 

The IPCRG is the primary care representative on WHO-Global Alliance against Chronic Respiratory Diseases (GARD) Planning Executive

Supporter of the NCD Alliance