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Click here to download our report Everyone has something to teach and something to learn

This short document  introduces the International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG) to colleagues unfamiliar with our work in low and middle income countries and also describes our ambitions.  

As you know, the IPCRG has worked with colleagues from Bangladesh and Pakistan from our early days. As a result of our collaboration we learned a great deal about population respiratory care needs and health systems in low income countries. We now also work with colleagues in a much larger range of middle and low income countries including Uganda, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, FYR Macedonia, Chile, Brazil Viet Nam, Sri Lanka, India as well as those not listed by the World Bank as low or middle income but in financial crisis.   In addition, we believe our first scientific meeting in Asia Pacific, in Singapore May 2015, will open up new connections and possibilities in Asia Pacific countries such as China, Philippines, Indonesia, Korea and Malaysia.

This paper describes how we do this and illustrates some  "showing by doing" examples. 

This is all the more important given the World Health Organization's Global Action Plan to reduce avoidable mortality by 25% by 2025 when COPD is predicted to be the world's third largest cause of death and many of those deaths will be in LMICs. 

 We also attach two posters from our FRESH AIR programme presented at the Union conference this autumn. FRESH AIR was developed in Viet Nam, and is now running in Uganda and Kyrgyzstan and soon to be launched in India (see

We hope you enjoy reading.