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Workshop 5


TimePresenterTitle of Presentation
13.35-14.45Titia Klemmeier, Netherlands  & Ruth McArthur, UKThe 3 D's Devices, Demonstration and Discussion


Workshop 6


TimePresenterTitle of Presentation
13.35-14.45      Dr Erik Bischoff & Dr Persijn Honkoop, Netherlands

Implementing Patient Centred Care in Asthma & COPD: Drawing from Board to Daily Practice, A Teach the Teacher Workshop

Workshop 7


TimePresenterTitle of Presentation
13.35-14.45Joan van Adrichem and Dr Bert van Bremen Netherlands Shared Care


Workshop 8

IT Tools, Their Usability & Clinical Effectiveness - Counting Steps


TimePresenterTitle of Presentation
13.35-14.45Dr Len Fromer, USA  Martijn Vooijs & Dr Janwillem Kocks, NetherlandsIT Tools, Their Usability and Clinical Effectiveness - Counting Steps