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10.50-12.00 Symposium 4 - Asthma-COPD Overlap Syndrome (ASOS)


TimePresenterTitle of Presentation
10.50-11.10Dr Björn Ställberg, SwedenChallenges Diagnosing ACOS
11.10-11.30Dr Tobias Bonten, NetherlandsTargeting Therapy in ACOS
11.30-12.00Dr Esther MettingIntroduction to new IPCRG Desktop Helper
11.50-12.00 Discussion Dr Alan Kaplan


10.50-12.00 Symposium 5 - eHealth: Reaching New Patients & Health Staff in Low & Middle Income


TimePresenterTitle of Presentation
10.50-11.10Dr Pham Le An, VietnamHow an e-Mentoring System Strengthens GP Respiratory Performance in Rural Vietnam
11.10-11.30Prof Rafael Stelmach, BrazileHealth: Reaching New Patients & Health Staff in Middle Income Crowded Urban Countries
11.30-12.00Prof Chunxue Bai, ChinaUsing a Cell Phone e-health Platform via Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things in China
11.50-12.00 Discussion


10.50-12.00 Symposium 6 - Tackling the Tobacco Epidemic: IPCRG Consensus Statement


TimePresenterTitle of Presentation
10.50-11.10Prof Onno van SchayckPresentation of the IPCRG Draft Consensus Statement for
11.10-11.30 Discussion