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  • ERS Stockholm 2007 - Primary Care Day
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Subject: ERS Stockholm 2007 - Primary Care Day
Date sent: 26 April 2007


The IPCRG is proud to announce that together with our Swedish colleagues, the ERS primary care section, and the ELF we are supporting a day for primary care professionals on Saturday 15 April, as a prelude to the ERS.    We encourage you to attend this day and also to stay on for the IPCRG Annual General Meeting that we will schedule for 16.30 on the 15th to optimise attendance.
Please pass this announcement on to your primary care colleagues.

John Haughney
IPCRG President

    E R S   1 7 t h   A n n u a l   C o n g r e s s  
Stockholm, Sweden: September 15, 2007  


A one-day programme for General Practitioners and 
Allied Respiratory Professionals in conjunction with the 
ERS Annual Congress: featuring plenary sessions, 
workshops and postgraduate courses 

Programme highlights 

  • The patient behind the lung
  • Raising the political agenda of respiratory disease
  • Diagnosing and labelling respiratory patients
  • Palliative care challenges: behavioural and emotional aspects
  • Delivering the goods: inhaled therapies
  • Managing special cases in lung disease
  • Impact of technology on professional practice and healthcare outcomes 
  • Who? Where? How? Exercise testing, pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Delivering quality respiratory care in Primary Care

More information available on

Register and book your accommodation online
Earlybird Registration deadline: July 10, 2007


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