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Asthma-related international guidelines

  1. Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) – guidelines & pocket guides updated annually
  2. Allergic Rhinitis Impact on Asthma (ARIA) – online version and pocket guide available for the 2008 Update to the 2001 ARIA-WHO Workshop Report (titled the ARIA Report 2007 on the website)
  3. PRACTALL consensus statement on childhood asthma – full consensus and a pocket guide available on the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) website
  4. IPCRG primary care guidelines – guidelines for diagnosing chronic respiratory diseases, managing asthma, and managing allergic rhinitis published in the Primary Care Respiratory Journal in 2006
  5. Union Asthma Guide – developed, using GINA as the basis, to serve better the needs of low- and middle-income countries (a third edition of the guide is being finalised as of May 2008)

Physician & patient tools to improve asthma care

  1. The IPCRG Users’ Guide to currently available asthma control tools
  2. Paper stamp checklist tool, published in Renzi PM, Ghezzo H, Goulet S, Dorval E, Thivierge RL. Paper stamp checklist tool enhances asthma guidelines knowledge and implementation by primary care physicians. Can Respir J. 2006;13:193-197. Available only for purchase
  3. Written asthma action plans for patients
    1. American Lung Association
    2. National Asthma Council Australia (links provided to several written asthma action plan templates)
    3. Asthma UK (to order printed version)
    4. Education for Health (link to online version of Asthma UK Scotland personal asthma action plan)
    5. Asthma Society of Canada (asthma action plan in French and English)

Other useful asthma-related links

  1. IPCRG debate on the reasons for poor asthma control, published as Horne R, Price D, Cleland J, et al. Can asthma control be improved by understanding the patients perspective? BMC Pulm Med. 2007;7:8.
  2. Asthma Drug Facility, formed by the Union in partnership with the WHO and other organisations to provide access to affordable asthma medications, including CFC-free inhalers
  3. Union Asthma Division home page – has many asthma-related links
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