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Comments on the IPCRG Website

Dear colleagues and members,

Please feel free to give your comments on the new web environment of the IPCRG. You can give suggestions on new pages, web layout and other subjects. Click "Add topic" to start a new comment thread.


The IPCRG Web Team


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  1. Dear All,

    Congratulations! I only regret that I have not enough time right now to wander more around but I will be back after the conference. 

    Best Regards,


  2. Hi

    I am at the workshop trying the new webpage. It looks good

    Well done


  3. Congrats to the webteam and especially to Janwillem!

    I did not find a link for contacting the webmaster.

    Can you add a page with FAQ about this website?


    1. Hi Johan, thank you for attending the workshop. We will work on that!
  4. Several links don't seem to work (yet). Imagine a colleague who would like to contribute to the research agenda or to add recent publications using the links on the Research Home Page without success...


    1. Thank you for finding this problem. Well add the pages ASAP