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World Spirometry Day 2012

World Spirometry Day (WSD) is an awareness campaign that offers people the chance to test their lung health and demonstrates the importance of sport and healthy lungs in the year of the Olympic Games. Health professionals around the world organise lung function testing events for the general public. Find out more here.


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  1. From the primary care respiratory group (IPCRG-Bangladesh) we have started our activities from February 2012 which was inaugurated by Minister of Health. During this period we have arranged short spirometry training courses for the health professionals all over Bangladesh. Our General Secretary Dr Rowshan Alam and Joint Secretary Dr Jahangir Kabir arranged free spirometry in Rangpur and Feni respectively. They have  conducted 85 & 90 (a total of 175 tests) on 17 June 2012. I have organised a free spirometry today in Khulna where myself, Dr Zafor Sharif, Dr Kamrun Nahar and Dr Mujibur Rahman performed 145 free tests by 4. Spirometers.  A total of 320 tests were done by our IPCRG Bangladesh members.

    In spite of this our members conducted more tests along with Bangladesh Lung Foundation in Dhaka.

    We received 5 Spirometers from Kristine Whorlow of National Asthma Council and other 5 from Monica Fletcher of Education for Health, all of which are in use in the primary care practice in Bangladesh.

    Beximco Pharmaceuticals is our golden partner in all these activities.

    This is the short report of our WSD activity in Bangladesh

    Monsur Habib


    Photo from our Bangladesh group - free testing in Khulna